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Horses speak with their eyes. If you watch them, they will tell you how they are feeling. They can hold a lot of stress in their bodies, just like us. We can help them release it with bodywork, corrective exercises, sprinkled with a lil’ love, and carrots, and apples.

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Soft Eyes Equine Bodywork

Hi, I’m Amy Callahan and this is my bestest boy, Goose. He needed some help to feel better, so I started a quest to help him.

After many years of research, learning, and trying many techniques, I am thrilled to offer bodywork services to your horses too. I use a mixture of techniques based on your concerns and what your horse’s body tells me.

I believe our greatest gift to our horses is to help them be as able-bodied as possible for as long as possible.

You can find details about my services and pricing here.

You can read about our backstory here.

Service Area

My primary service area is within 1-hour of Madison, WI. I am willing to travel further based on the number of horses and a trip charge may apply.

I work with several barns and try to schedule as many appointments in a barn or a small geographic area when possible. The maximum number of horses in a day is six.

If you would like to join on an existing day, please plan for a 1-2 hour window so I can touch base with you about your horse and concerns, work with your horse for 60 minutes or so, take before and after pictures and videos, and then make my post-session notes. Also, if you are at a different barn, please give me travel time.

Please Note

I ask that the owner be present to groom your horse if needed, hold your horse during the appointment, and provide information about any concerns you have.

Appointments are between 1-2 hours, and I come to you.

I am not a veterinarian, vet tech, osteopath or equine chiropractor. I cannot provide any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment protocols or recommendations. I am not good fit if you have an injury that you are currently working through the healing process with your vet. At this time, I do not do work on stallions, foals, yearlings, or mares who are pregnant, nursing, or being prepped for breeding. I do not offer pulse or light therapy, acupuncture, or chiropractic work.

Client Feedback

I highly recommend her equine work! Yes she will travel. She came up to my horses recently and they loved her!

Timber, Arabian-TB cross
Nova, Tennessee Walker
Spirit, grade Quarter horse

KM, Amherst, WI

Timber, Nova, Spirit

I forgot to tell you that I’ve gotten lots of compliments on Charlie’s movement! He’s had really nice extension with his front legs and I’m sure that’s a result of all the work you’ve done on him; plus the stretches you’ve shown me!

KL, Madison, WI

Charlie, American Paint Horse

I road Olivia yesterday for the first time since you worked on her. We did a few jumps too. She felt amazing! I can definitely tell a difference. Looking forward to next time!

JS, Madison, WI

Olivia, Clydesdale-Warmblood-Trakehner

She’s doing great! In fact, I had a lesson Tues night and I’ve never had a better ride!! So much fun! Of course it is hard to know what causes what, but I am quite confident that the massage didn’t hurt and may have helped! In fact, probably DID help! Don’t you wish they could talk to us?

PE, Madison, WI

Asia, Dutch Warmblood


It is best to text or message me on the socials, as I cannot answer calls when working with a horse.

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