The products I offer for purchase have passed the ultimate quality control: horse’s approval!

I am so excited to offer products I love for you and your horse!

I selected these curries because they are consistently pliable, soft, easy to clean, and most of all THE HORSES LOVE THEM!

I will have my entire inventory with me at appointments. You can try them out to see what you like.

Or if you already know what you would like, I am happy to put something aside for you. Text, PM or email me to place your order.

Prices are noted below and include sales tax. Shipping costs are based on your location. Sales restricted to the USA only at this time.

Returns accepted up to 15 days after the purchase date.

Please note: The website is only a digital catalogue. I am not offering web-based shopping yet.


Snuggy® Clean

This is the fan favorite that I have been using at appointments since May 2023.  After a horse demonstrates grand, immediate appreciation, owners ask me, “Where do I buy this?”  Now I can reply, “What color would you like?”

The large teeth are soft but have good tension.

6″x3.5″.  And it has grooves for your fingers and heel of your hand.

color options: pink, purple, dark green, royal blue, black, red, orange, burgundy

$10 each

PalmFit® curry

I like to use this soft pliable curry on legs, faces, jowls, and overall body tightness.  This can fold in half.

fits your palm: 6″x4″.  color options: red, orange, yellow, dark green, royal blue, purple, black

$ 9 each

Equal® Round Curry Comb

A round curry comb with a strap for your hand.  This is the hardiest option but still has some give to the teeth. Not hard plastic.


color options: black, royal blue, dark green, red

$11 each



Overall, the size of these curries is ideal for people with smaller hands.

There are 2 different curry combs with different sized teeth: large and fine.

The large teeth are firmer than the Snuggy® but are shorter and have flat tips. This is great for all overy body, with caution for tender areas like the belly, face, or lower legs.

The finer teeth are quite short and great for gentle use on the tender areas like the face, belly, and lower legs.

5.5″ x 3″. color options: red, purple

$8 each

Rubber Scrubbies

This is the softest of the curries.  It is great for the face and head, or anywhere with thin or tender skin.  Great for gentle movements like over newly healed scars.  Pliable and foldable.

4.3″ x .39″. color options: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink

$4 each


Limited inventory in stock and available at appointments.

Sales tax included. Shipping extra.

Special orders available. USA sales only.

Snuggy®, PalmFit®, Velvet Touch®, and Equal® are registered trademarks of Grewal Equestrian.

How cute is this?!! I found this mushroom cleaning brush at the local coop grocery store. It is very soft, but it was able to move the skin on the back of my hand. I am wondering if it will work as a face curry for horses. Stay tuned!

What grooming supplies will you be shopping for at the Midwest Horse Fair? I am looking for small face and larger grooma curries.

Spring shedding is in full force! Do you have a secret to your success in helping your horse shed it’s winter fuzzies?

This is a great time to moisturize their skin too. Winter is so dry!

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