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Tips for how you can help your horse between bodywork sessions, hacks for using products or grooming, and WHY.

Melt the Fascia Butter

Soft touch is often better than anything. It sometimes doesn’t make sense. I mean our horses are such big creatures, surely they can handle a stronger touch! Nope! They actually will get super cranky!

A simple way to start is by using a grooming brush. Don’t just ‘dust’ your horse. This time, apply just enough light pressure to move the skin. Now, move it slowly, like you’re waiting for it to melt like butter under the brush. This is the fascia releasing.

How much pressure is this? Let’s use the “Goldilocks” approach on your own forearm.

  • Too Light: Pretend you are brushing off cookie crumbs.
  • Too Strong: Press until you feel and see your muscles squish. And then move your hand. This might feel uncomfortable or unpleasant.
  • Just Right: Press on your skin until your fingers don’t glide over the skin but instead the skin moves with your fingers. Move in one direction of your choice until it gets stuck. Then keep the pressure in that direction for 10-20 seconds and see if it starts to move more. I call this ‘melting the butter.’ If not, lighten the pressure a smidge or go in a different direction. This is the fascia releasing.

Why do I care about something so thin? Because it wraps the muscle. I want you to think of when you eat a big meal but wore pants with a tight waistband. And now you have to bend over to put on your shoes. OMG! That’s similar to tight fascia. Your horse doesn’t have easeful movement.

So on a day when you’re tired but need some horsie therapy, go to the barn. Get your favorite gentle grooming tool, and melt the butter, aka fascia.

Don’t forget to bring the carrots or apples to make it a true horsie spa day.

I hear some of you already. “Amy, I ain’t got time for that!” Ok that’s real life. So be sure to ALWAYS brush your horse well after riding. No saddle or girth marks, over the rump, down the legs. Not just dusting, a melting butter pressure. And SLOW.  This step will help your horse so much.

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